Tripple ZZZ Customs
Shotgun Barrels
                    BARREL PRICES
7/8 turn your stock barrel into a custom super stock outlaw barrel

-extend to 36 in. to your specs, back-bore, chamber, custom  Rem. or Win. screw-in choke with wad stoppers any size  $280
-fixed choke   $240

1in. custom outlaw barrel with screw-in choke $280
-fixed sleeve $240

1 1/4 barrel any length $350 stainless $400     you supply core or i have one for sale                      
Back-boring barrel to enlarge boresize $75

Install match chamber to your shell $90

Screw-in chokes with wad stoppers $70
-with lines $75 (any thread)  
.812 drop-in chokes $65
-with lines $70
(Your specs or mine)

Thread barrel for screw-in chokes must be .850 od $50 Rem. or Win.

              Other services available

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